Wix website refresh

Think of it like a 'lick of paint'!

wix web design agency



wix web design agency

Improve and refresh the look and feel of your wix website

Perhaps you already have a Wix website that functions well, and don't have the budget for a whole new website. Well, think of it like a house. If the décor is looking old fashioned, you might just paint the walls, declutter, or add new floor or furnishings - you don't often need to knock it down and start again!

With a site refresh from a leading wix web design agency, we work with your existing Wix website design and improve the styling to freshen each page up as well as fix any problems you might have with it.


From new colours, fonts, content, images and effects - we improve the way it looks and feels to bring it up to date in a more affordable way than a whole new wix website design.